How to setup Pekan TV on a Openbox Device

G Getting Started / Setup Your Device Last updated on Updated  Oct 17, 2019

Install Pekan TV On Openbox Devices

Follow Instructions Below

Openbox Setup Instructions:

Open ‘Internet Browser’.

Copy and paste your M3U URL into the ‘Address bar’ and press ‘Enter’.

It will ask you to either ‘save’ or ‘save as’.

Choose ‘save as’ and change the file name to ‘Pekan TV’.

Copy the saved file from your computer to a USB stick then put the stick in the Back of the Openbox.

On the remote press the following:


– Network Local settings

– Network App

– Pekan TV

– Yellow button to read from USB

– Start Watching right after Openbox says ‘success”


Troubleshooting Openbox

If you have any problems viewing the Channels please follow this recommended fix:

Restart your Openbox and Wi-Fi Router.