How to setup Pekan TV on STB Emulator / STB Device

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Install Pekan TV On STB Emulator

Follow Instructions Below

STB Emulator Setup Instructions:

Download ‘STB Emulator’ from the Google Play Store here.

Install and Load the ‘STB Emulator’ app and you will see your ‘MAC address’ on screen.

Tap near the ‘Top right corner’ and then click ‘Settings’ – the 4th icon from the right.

Tap ‘Profiles’.

Tap ‘Test portal’ to modify the existing profile or ‘Add profile’ to start a new one.

Tap ‘STB Model’.

Tap ‘MAG 250’ or whichever STB you wish to emulate.

Tap ‘Portal settings’.

enter your Portal URL: 

Some accounts also use so if it doesn't work try the other URL.

Now tap ‘Screen Resolution’.

Choose ‘1280×720’ (You can choose higher with internet speed 16+ Mbps).

Exit the app and restart.

You will now see your channel list.


Troubleshooting STB Emulator

If you have any problems viewing the Channels please follow this recommended fix:

Restart your App, Device/Box, and Wi-Fi Router.