Why can't I log into my account?

P Problems and Issues / Account Related Issues Last updated on Updated  Nov 05, 2019

Most likely you are entering in the wrong username or password.

1st Reason:

The username and password is CASE Sensitive, so if it contains a capitalized character please be sure to input it correctly as displayed.

2nd Reason:

Some mistake a lowercase "L" and a capitalized "i" together and if your username or password contains a letter that you are unsure of, please try both.

3rd Reason:

The application you are using is not compatible with your device. Many third party apps work flawlessly with Pekan TV however some users do report login attempts that do not work with certain apps on certain devices. We suggest you try another application and give that a try.

4th Reason:

Some users have URL portal link: http://1.pekan.tv:8080 and some users have URL portal link: http://2.pekan.tv:83 

If it does not login properly, then try switching the url server (your account could be on the secondary server).

5th Reason:

Some ISPs (your internet provider) could block IPTV as a whole, and this would result in you resetting your router or using a VPN service to get past this issue.